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Mandelic Serum 15%

Mandelic Serum 15%

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Recommended for oily, acne-prone skin types only. This concentrated alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) can be safely used on pigmented skin. A beautiful, less lined, brighter blemish-free complexion can be achieved within weeks, and maintained with continued use.

NuCèlle Mandelic Serum 15% is a gentle but effective alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) treatment. It smooths and brightens the skin, helping to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and discolorations. By eliminating the build-up of dead, dull and dry skin cells, the acid weakens the bond of these cells, leaving the skin with a softer and smoother texture. This serum can be used all over the body to soften and smooth the skin, and even makes an ideal treatment for Keratosis Pilaris and similar conditions. Used as part of the NuCèlle conditioning system, this pH balanced formula produces a synergetic effect thus producing even better results. Formulated with 15% features Mandelic acid, a gentle AHA derived from bitter almond. Ideal for oily and acne-prone skin types,

*New to Mandelic Acid? It is highly recommended to apply the 10% for the first few days in order to allow the skin to adjust to a higher percentage acid. If you are not sure try the 10% first and ask for a 15% sample with your order.

How to Use

Apply morning and evening to face and neck as step 3 following NuCèlle 2 Marine Toner. Allow to dry. Follow with either NuCèlle 4 Anti-Oxident Treatment for Normal/Dry Skin or NuCèlle 4 Moisture Shine Control for Normal/Oily skin.

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